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Tennessee State Parks

Tennessee has a very well run and extremely popular state park system.  All the state parks in Tennessee are free and roughly 30 million people visit them in a year.

The largest and most popular state park is Fall Creek Falls which is located in Pikeville.  The waterfall there is a famous attraction and can be seen from the road.  It’s a great place to go hiking or biking and to walk along the streams.  There is a restaurant located in the park with an impressive view that overlooks Fall Creek Lake.  There is also a golf course and inn at Fall Creek Falls.

Warriors’ Path in Kingsport is the next most visited state park in Tennessee.  It has lots of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding.  You can rent paddle boats and canoes from the marina to use on the river.  Duck Island is a fun recreation area to visit.  There are lots of campsites that have tables and grills and many of them even have water and electricity.  There is a golf course located in the park as well as several tennis courts and soccer fields.

Natchez Trace is a very popular state park in Tennessee.  It is over 10,000 acres and contains 4 lakes, an inn, lots of cabins and camp sites, playgrounds, and other amenities.  The largest lake has boat ramps and is open to water sports.

Cove Lake is one of the most popular state parks in Tennessee.  It is located in Caryville and has a large number of camp sites, a restaurant, several sports fields, and some tennis courts.  Popular attractions are the Caryville Dam and the expansive Cumberland Trail.