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Tennessee Birth Records and Certificates

Despite any unreasonable residual doubt or irrational forensic debate, a state-issued birth certificate is the single most vital document that all human beings should have on hand to produce on demand at any point during their entire earthly lifespan. The best virtue of valid birth certificates is well- stated in a best-selling New Age book about how to create a new identity whose author wrote a phrase that’s slightly paraphrased as:

“A Birth Certificate is the backbone upon which all other individually identifying documents are built.”

Basic guide for getting any desired Tennessee Birth certificate

Most Tennessee births recorded in January 1914 or later are maintained by the State Vital Records Office, which is also where to find Nashville birth records dating back to June 1881. Likewise, Knoxville births recorded ever since July 1881, along with Chattanooga’s birth records from January 1882 to present date, and any local school district-enumerated birth from July 1908 to June 1912 are all on file at State Vital Records Offices.

Tennessee’s State Vital Records Office physical address is Central Services Building 1st Floor, 421 Fifth Avenue, North, Nashville, TN, 37243. To reach Vital Records Offices by phone, call (615) 741-1763. Please pay fees to process mail-ordered birth record requests by check or money order made payable to “Tennessee Vital Records. “ Also, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for U.S. Postal Service delivery. Finally, please find a vast treasure trove of valuable tips and easy-to-use tools from which you may freely choose to make Tennessee birth records requests virtually effortless at the State Health Department.

Expedite birth record access via total bypass of Tennessee bureaucracies

Tennessee’s State Department of Health has sole delegated responsibility to issue newborn residents birth certificates based on parental information given at hospitals. Should parents or child ever require a duplicate birth certificate for any purpose, they must visit the state health department in person, mail in a standard paper request form, or submit an online request. As most probably suspect, Cyberspace is most direct route to express delivery. However, you must board the proper vessel, which happens to be an independent “common carrier” called VitalChek, in this case. VitalChek is a state-authorized virtual agent of express birth certificate delivery within 2 to 5 days for virtually the entire U.S. You may purchase VitalChek “boarding passes” via their official website for the state of Tennessee.

Very old Volunteer State-recorded birthdates virtually a breeze to locate with ease

Near the first part of the then 1881 New Year, many smaller Tennessee municipalities made a resolution to start maintaining localized miniaturized vital records bureaus. While most local officials soon lost interest in losing tons of taxpayer funds, a few die-hard community “leaders” continued wasteful ways for quite a while. Consequently, most of their ancient original files became warehoused on microfilm at the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) and Salt Lake City Family History Library (FSL).

TSLA contains a statewide birth record excerpted from 1908 to 1912 and a big database of “delayed” birth certificates issued to now-deceased newborn infants born thorough 1869 to 1903. Learn more about most likely hiding places for state births first recorded over 100 years ago by going straight to the resources on TSLA’s official website.

If you like researching at a more leisurely rate, please take note of TSLA’s snail mail address at 403 7th Ave. N, Nashville, TN 37243. You can also call before you even start walking at a slow pace some midday afternoon to beat the lunch break rat race – only to join rush hour traffic jams at TSLA’s land-based facility. Just dial (615) 741-2764 well before planned departure. However you make it there – have fun happy hunting!