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Tennessee Driving Records and History

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security is responsible for maintaining driving records and history.

Order your driving records or history

The Department of Safety maintains the driving history for all licensed drivers in the state.  These histories are called Motor Vehicle Records or MVRs.  Your MVR is your official driving history for the previous 3 years.

You can order your MVR online at the official Tennessee government website.  You will need to be able to print a PDF file and you will need your name, birth date, license number and credit or debit card to be able to order your history online.

You can also request your driving records in person at a Tennessee DMV or a driver service station.  They are located throughout the state and you can search on the official Tennessee government website to find the one nearest you.

Ordering another person’s driving history

There are cases where certain people or entities are authorized to view another person’s driving history.  The following are authorized purposes for requesting another person’s driving history:

  • Legal
  • Employment
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Government Business
  • Insurance
  • Statistical or Research
  • Law Enforcement
  • Private Investigation

In addition, the reason for the request needs to be listed in accordance with the Tennessee laws governing driving history requests.

The form for requesting another person’s driving history can be found at the official Tennessee government website.