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Hamilton County, TN Public Records

Perhaps the main way in which localized resources are well proven to facilitate more often than frustrate public records searches is by providing miniaturized replicate versions of larger duplicate statewide varieties. Latter types are centralized and thus contain vast quantities of totally worthless data that do nothing but waste your time. By stark contrast, former types are compact with selectively compiled data that’s more capable of producing results that are nothing less than what you expect but yet nothing more than your very first request asked for. Hamilton County’s local residents can obtain vital records without leaving home.

Birth and death certificates both issued by a single public entity

The Chattanooga Health Dept. can issue ‘short form’ certified birth records to registrants born in Tennessee between 1949 and the present date. ‘Long form’ certified copies are available for Tennessee births that occurred in 2012 or later. Certified death records for events that happened in Hamilton County during the prior 6 years can also be obtained at the Chattanooga Vital Records Office.

Certified records are issued only to named registrants and immediate family members or legal representatives. As all official documents are computer generated on-site, most requests can be processed while applicants wait. Mail orders take 1 to 5 business days for delivery and prospective applicants may download request forms the official state of Tennessee government website. Completed request forms should be mailed to the following address:

Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department
Vital Records Department
921 East Third Street
Chattanooga, TN 37403

Applicants may also submit requests by faxing (423) 209-8024 or calling (423) 209-8025 to provide debit or credit card information.

Medical data maintained and obtained in strictest confidence

Medical and dental records may also be obtained at the Chattanooga Health Dept. in exchange for a small fee for each page copied from a patient’s original chart or files, except immunization records, which are provided free of charge.

Where Hamilton County residents’ martial relations documentation resides

The Hamilton County Clerk’s Office has so graciously seen fit to provide online access to a comprehensive database of marriage licenses issued for the last few decades. Since its full contents are searchable by registrant name, marriage date, or officiant, it’s quite a useful tool to assist genealogical research projects. You can even print a complete list of all marriage licenses issued during a pre-specified chronological period.

To receive a certified copy of your own marriage certificate, visit or write the Hamilton County Clerk’s Office at this physical address:

W.F. (Bill) Knowles, County Clerk
625 Georgia Avenue, Room 201
Chattanooga, TN 37402

How to find miscellaneous Hamilton County’s Public records in practically no time flat

Your single best resource for a wide variety of Hamilton County’s localized public records is centralized right on the official website for the county. There you may look forward to many huge surprises. First, there’s the big “Welcome” banner that will surely meet your sore eyes with just what they need by way of the most beautiful sight indeed. Right below is a list of several dozen hyperlinks to local government agencies in sharp text that’s set against a pleasantly refreshing cool green background in an overall crisp layout that’s quite soothing to the retina.