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Sumner County, TN Public Records

Below is a summary of the various ways to locate Tennessee’s local public records compiled by Sumner County offices and agencies.

Sumner County Property Records

Public records that pertain to local properties in Sumner County are classified by two different types of documents, as thus:

  • Property data maintain pertaining to monetary payment

All official documentation and/or publication with contain subject matter that pertain to ad valorem property taxation can be found at the Sumner County Assessor’s Office. In keeping with legislatively assigned primary duties, the Assessor’s Office provides a publicly accessible online property search app that features a GIS map. The offices are located at:

Sumner County Assessor
355 N Belvedere Drive
Room 206
Gallatin, TN 37066
Phone: 615-452-2412
Fax: 615-442-1108

  • Property records with legal relevance

Situated right inside the hub of Sumner County’s local government seat in Gallatin, the Register of Deeds also seems quite nicely positioned in a literal catbird’s seat of high-tech latest state-of-the-art innovations. All files are auto-digitized during initial recordation, and then stored in a centralized database of certified documents dating back to September of 1989, that’s publicly accessible online. Very recently, digitized files dating back to 1786 are also available for public viewing. To find a complete listing of the various property document databases and the full schedule of latest filing fees, please visit:

Sumner County Register of Deeds
P.O. Box 299
Gallatin, TN 37066
Phone: 615-452-3892

Locate recent birth and death records for Sumner County residents

Both certified and non-certified copies of Tennessee birth and death records can be found at Sumner County Health Dept. Vital Records Offices in various locations. While all local offices can issue birth certificates for registrants born in Tennessee in or after 1949, only the Gallatin can accept and process in-person requests. Mail-ordered birth and death certificates may be submitted to the Portland or Hendersonville Clinic. Death records for events that occurred countywide during the prior six years can also be obtained at all local Sumner County Health Dept. Vital Records Offices.

To learn more, visit or contact a local Sumner County Health Dept. Vital Records Offices as follows:

  • Gallatin – 1005 Union School Rd. Phone: 615-206-1100
  • Hendersonville – 351 New Shackle Island Rd. Phone: 615-824-0552
  • Portland – 214 W. Longview Dr. Phone: 615-325-5237

Locate vital Sumner County inmate data

Do you want virtually guaranteed success in quests for public records with vital public safety import that contain data that pertain to local county inmates? If so, pay a quick visit to the:

Sumner County Sheriff and Jail
117 West Smith St
Gallatin, TN 37066

Sheriff’s Dept. Phone: 615-452-2616
Jail Phone: 615-442-1843
Booking Dept. Phone: 615-442-1879
Fax: 615-442-1897

Where to find a vital lifeline of virtual goldmines worth tons of DIY genealogy research

OK, as you’ve earned the right to learn just by reading thus far, we’ll put all guesswork aside and reveal precisely where the greatest tools to find genealogy jewels reside. Sumner County Archives (SCA) in Gallatin, Tennessee, is the official site of localized genealogical and historical research. Here is the contact information for the SCA:

Sumner County Archives
365 North Belvedere Drive
Gallatin, TN 37066
Phone: 615-452-0037

Besides earliest official countywide public records that date back to 1786, the SCA maintains an outstanding encyclopedic library of local history and genealogy data. In addition, SCA library selections include many statewide collections. A few prime examples cited are items like military records, official Census Bureau stats, land plats, local GIS maps, church records, Sumner and surrounding county newspaper obituary columns and Geological survey maps (USGS) with historic site enhancement features.