Public Records Search

Shelby County, TN Public Records

The search for Shelby public records doesn’t have to be such a painful one. All it takes to make looking for birth and death records, marriage and divorce records, criminal and felony records, and the like is knowledge on where to obtain these records and the diligence to carry out, in an exact manner, the procedure for requesting these records.

Here are the various sources for Shelby public records and information that can be used when requesting for records from each of them:

1. Birth and Death Records
The easiest way to request for copies of Shelby County birth and death certificates is through VitalChek, an independent company hired by Shelby County. VitalChek is accessible through its website. However, it must be noted that a certified true copy of a birth certificate is made available only to the person whose birth is documented by the certificate, while a certified true copy of a death certificate is only made available to certain legal representatives and family members of the deceased.

Birth records from 1874-1912 and death records from 1848-1962 can also be searched for on the next source.

2. Marriage / Divorce Records and Property Records
The Register of Deeds of Shelby County keeps the marriage and divorce records, as well as the property records, of the county. These can be searched for on the register’s website. However, the marriage and divorce records listed are limited to those that occurred from 1980-2009.

3. Court Records
Court records can be obtained from the Shelby County General Sessions. On this site, court records can be searched for by criminal or civil court.

4. Tax Records
Tax information can be searched for on the website of the Shelby County trustee. On the site, property tax information can be searched for by property location, owner or business name, and parcel ID number.

5. Real Property Records
Real property records can be acquired through the website of the Shelby County assessor of property. These records can be searched for by address, owner name, or business name.

6. Offender Records
Being the central repository of criminal history information for Tennessee, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation provides access to the information it keeps on arrests made in Tennessee when this information is properly requested through its website.

Each background check performed through the site costs $29.00.

7. Sex Offender Records
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation sexual offender registry is available online and bases its records on information provided by the sex offender. As a result, the information on the site is subject to change based on the change in circumstances of offenders or the discovery by law enforcement officers that the information provided them was false.

Offenders can be searched for on the site by last name, first name, city, county or zip code.